RTMaps - Real-Time Multimodal APplicationS

RTMaps 4 is an asynchronous high performance platform designed to face and win multisensor challenges and to allow engineers and researchers to take an advantage of an efficient and easy-to-use framework for fast and robust developments.

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Key features

  • Easy to use: Graphical development based on a wide library of on-the-shelf components makes RTMaps an outstanding tool for your real-time applications.
  • Fully asynchronous: RTMaps handles heterogeneous data sources (sensors, communication systems, ...) and sinks (logging, display, actuators...) without any restriction.
  • Optimized: Thanks to its C/C++ multi-threaded optimized engine, RTMaps adds no overhead to the application execution. Furthermore, it natively takes advantage of multi-CPU/multi-core platofrms
  • Extensible: Custom modules written in C++ can be plugged-in easily by any programmer. Applications are modular and evolutive.
  • Scalable: RTMaps can be deployed from lightweight embedded ARM-based CPU boards to clusters of multiple PCs.
  • Interoperable: RTMaps is interoperable with many other widespread software tools (Matlab, Simulink, QML, Excel, simulators, middlewares...) and programming languages (C/C++, C#, Java, Python) 
  • Flexible: Thanks to its universal Record and Playback capabilities for timestamped data streams, RTMaps makes it particularly easy to switch back and forth between real-time execution on the targeted systems and offline developments, testing, benchmarking and analysis works.

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  • NAVYA Techonlogy
  • L-LAB (University of Paderborn)

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